Friday, August 24, 2007

The Art of Ron Mueck

This guys is AMAZING... Check out the link (I didn't want to repost any images without permission).

Even better? He was involved with Labyrinth (one of my all time favourite movies - go ahead and make fun of me, I'm proud of it...) and was the voice of Ludo, my favourite character.

I'm in love.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shame on him? Or shame on me?

I had a long talk with Patty Izzo at Iris Dassault's house in early June about this very topic... I get at least two to three IMs/messages/emails per day from this very same type of guy and I'm at wits end. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I don't know why men in my field don't deal with this but it's disparaging. I'll warn you, I was a very angry person and feel that I should have handled this more calmly, but I let my frustrations get the better of me:

Average Online Boy: i saw on your website where you were looking for models...
Lisolette: sorry, im dealing with packing - leaving for vegas tomorrow at 5 am
Average Online Boy: oh...sounds like fun...well can i leave my # and if you have time me?
Lisolette: i cant take it now and i dont archive messages
Lisolette: would you mind sending me a message after the 20th? :)
Average Online Boy: you dont have anything to write on?
Average Online Boy: sure...want some pics to see if i have what it takes?
Lisolette: no, i just wont find it when i get back, this place is crazy
Lisolette: and sure
Lisolette: send them to
Lisolette: note .ca, not .com
Average Online Boy: your in canada?
Lisolette: no
Lisolette: long story
Average Online Boy: well how come i cant send them here? it was nude erotic modeling right? would that be starring with you???
Average Online Boy: long story? LOL i got time
Lisolette: you do, but i dont
Lisolette: im packing, as i mentioned earlier
Average Online Boy: ok...LOL sorry
Average Online Boy: well how come i cant send them here? it was nude erotic modeling right? would that be starring with you???
Lisolette: i dont have an AOL account
Lisolette: its just a username
Lisolette: and no, you re not "starring" with anyone per se
Lisolette: send me your stuff and i'll take a look
Average Online Boy: well what is the purpose of this modeling? your pleasure? or a magazine or movies or what?
Lisolette: art exhibits
Average Online Boy: do i get to see you naked also? i need something to motivate "him" to stand at attention for his pics LOL
Average Online Boy: and the pictures you want are of my "package" correct?
Lisolette: are you telling me that you cant get hard unless you see a chick naked? ever?
Average Online Boy: possibly...i mean it doesnt just get hard when the wind blows....i have to have touch...or sight or something...
Average Online Boy: eating pussy really does it for me. LOL so if i could do that and then pose for pics it would be better...
Lisolette: look, i dont necessarily need you hard, i need you to be able to follow directions
Lisolette: ugh
Lisolette: get lost
Average Online Boy: oh i can follow directions
Average Online Boy: get lost? for what? you dont like getting oral sex? believe being naked in front of you would arouse you.
Lisolette: look
Lisolette: i dont take pics to get laid
Lisolette: and i'm highly annoyed about getting hit on on a constant basis
Lisolette: by people who think that because I take erotic photography means I'm gonna fuck every model
Lisolette: If you want to make some art, contact me
Lisolette: otherwise go hit on some airhead who might go for this line of bullshit
Average Online Boy: i didnt assume just because i was gonna model nude that you would fuck me....
Average Online Boy: but i would want to get to know you a bit before i just took my clothes off for you.
Average Online Boy: and i had figured that if it got to that point we might be able to do other things as well...if you know what i mean
Lisolette: that's fine, but that's not how you're conducting yourself in this conversation
Lisolette: no, i don't know what you mean
Average Online Boy: i mean that if we met and talked and clicked and were attracted prior to the photo shoot....we could maybe do things like that
Average Online Boy: and then i can recall them in my retain an erection for the shoot.
Lisolette: so you haven't had any other sexual experiences that you could recall without having to bone me?
Lisolette: is that what you are telling me?
Average Online Boy: well none that would be fresh in my head liek that
Average Online Boy: i mean if i think about my ex...right now. i dont get hard cause i cant stand the bitch...LOL
Average Online Boy: so it would have to be someone i was with recently or was currently with at that time...
Average Online Boy: i am sorry i dont work like most other men...i mean i could stand there and jerk it hard i suppose.....LOL
Lisolette: did you even look at my gallery?
Average Online Boy: but if your single...i know i am single...and i found you i would want to get to know each other on a personal level possibly...before even doing the modeling thing
Average Online Boy: and yeah i did a while back..send me a link please
Lisolette: i invite you to find a hard cock in any of the pics
Average Online Boy: lol well dont need one per say...
Average Online Boy: but it would be a nice peice...which is why i would WANT to be hard.
Average Online Boy: to be different from the rest
Average Online Boy: but you are a single female correct?
Lisolette: yes, but i'm not sure why that matters when it comes to finding models
Average Online Boy: well as i like to get to know you on a personal level...i did see a pic of you in yahoo...and was like...WOW. so i wanted to further get to know you
Average Online Boy: but also if it came down to being sexual....even better...but i am sure if i modeled first...i would get the "i dont mix business with pleasure" or "i dont date clients" so i would rather be personal with you FIRST
Lisolette: i'm not interested, thank you
Average Online Boy: your not interested in having a friend or boyfriend? just a model?
Lisolette: i'm not interested in you

Vegas Sale, Summerotica, RFF

Last call on my Vegas art sale... check out my last Journal.

Second Summerotica opening on Saturday, August 18th from 8:00 pm til midnight. Check out this Journal entry and this exclusive previews page for more details on the show.

My next (and probably last for the year) show will be at the Russell Free Festival/People's Arts Festival held at the Russell Industrial Center complex on Saturday, September 15th from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm. I'm still waiting on a press release from them, but here's Mark Arminski's MySpace post.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm going to start posting works more frequently as I finish them and I'd love any feedback and criticisms that anyone has to share. It probably won't change much about my style, but it's always interesting to have good ol' fashioned debates about techniques and composition. I love learning...


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

I haven't been on a vacation in nearly 10 years... and now I have an amazing chance to go to Sin City (hotel and airfare paid for me) for five exciting days and four glorious nights beginning next week, so I'm taking the opportunity and seizing it by the... you know, the horns!
Fantastic news, right?  Yes!  So what's the downside?  I'm a starving artist...  So while I wouldn't mind if my vacation was just me lounging by the pool for the entire vacation, it might be nice to actually go out to dinner and see a few shows.  So I begged, I pleaded, I prodded and I even dogsat for my agent this weekend to persuade him that now is the perfect opportunity to hold a one week sale of my gallery prints AND reduce his commission for the good of the Lisolette Gilcrest Goes to Vegas Charity Fund, and so courtesy of Adam Owen Layne (bless his heart) of Streetwise Art, I'm offering a selection of my prints (including some Limited Edition sets) at up to half price.  You will have to contact me via a note here on LiveJournal to purchase your prints!  I leave next Sunday morning so the sale ends then, meaning that now is the time to get your prints while the gettin' is good!  Check out the sale here:

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

In the meanwhile, the Summerotica Show at Severance Gallery in Detroit is in full swing and continues through Saturday, August 25th - so check out the gallery in the Eastern Market District each Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm or call the lovely Director Josefine at 313.832.3744 for a private viewing (ooh la la!).  Additionally, due to enormous demand Josefine has scheduled a second reception to be held on Saturday, August 18th from 8:00 pm until midnight - it will be an informal affair with most of the artists making a dish to pass and embracing the opportunity to meet with enthusiasts.  If you missed the Opening Reception, don't miss this event!  You can see an exclusive preview of the exhibition and some pictures of the first reception at:

Summerotica Opening Reception

Finally, I'm prepping for my next exhibit at the People's Arts Festival/Russell Free Festival hosted at the Russell Industrial Center on Saturday, September 15th, 2007.  I'll be exhibiting and selling more prints in an individual kiosk (at my regular prices), as well as being exhibited through a collection that Streetwise Art will be displaying in a private gallery during the festival.  The festival promises to be a fantastic time with some of the best artists (in every medium, including performance art, musicians and filmmakers) in the region, so stay tuned for more details on this, too, but be sure to save that date!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


It was amazing! The opening reception for Summerotica - the inaugural exhibit of the MidWest Society of Erotic Photography was this past Saturday, July 28th at Severance Gallery and I met so many wonderful people!

First there was BT Charles, Irakly Shanidze, Patty Izzo, Allan Teger and VATO, all of whom I've already met and had the fortune to speak to about our craft. I've seen Chris Maher and DVS around at other group exhibitions that we'd been at - like The Dirty Show - but I never approached either before because I've always been so intimidated and shy about meetings these "Greats." I also went to dinner before the show with Iris Dassault and her husband, my agent Adam Owen Layne and his wife and their girlfriend, Jim Young and his wife and business partner, Gary M and Stephen Thorne. The highlight of my night was meeting Dave Levingston - who I actually first discovered a year ago on deviantART and was thrilled to find out was part of MWSEP and would be at the exhibition!

I still haven't had the fortune of meeting Cheryl Button, CKreationz, Johnny Flamethrower, AJ Kahn, Frank Piccolo, Bob Pope, and Bob Randall, but their work at the show was stunning! The show runs through Saturday, August 25th and there's some rumours that there may be a mid-Show reception or Closing Reception, so stay tuned for details!