Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chick Artists?

So here is some interesting trivia: The Erotic Signature is featuring 158 artists from around the world... guess how many are women? Only 25 or so.

The Erotic Review just published it's annual anthology to feature the best erotic photographer in the world and featured 81 photographers... guess how many ladies? About 5. (I'm giving rough estimates, because we are never truly sure of gender of artists based on their attempts at privacy, but those guesses are not off by more than 5 in one direction or the other.)

So what does that mean? Only about 15% of the art featured by two of the largest erotic art promoters in the world is from female artists... Interesting, huh? What does it all mean (if anything at all)?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Wow... this all seems terribly unfair AND taken out of context.

I was the person who said that the written description your photograph had contained a leap in a train of thought that was not immediately evident and that the description you wrote came across as creepy.

I said it to you as a friend and a colleague and not with any nasty or malicious intent. I understood where your train of thought started and where it stopped and understood the comment in the context, but told you that the two juxtaposed together did not come across well. If you don't agree with me, why did you take your original description down?

I disagree with your statement that my judgment (of those two things juxtapositioned was creepy) means: "If someone finds a work that depicts consenting adults 'perverted,' then it says more about the mental state of the accuser than the intentions of the photographer."

I thought the photograph was lovely and so was your blog about your dad. However, when you take a picture of a Fitness101 about to dive into your pussy and then put in the written description of "[this makes me think of my dad...]" I think it's an odd (and creepy) combination.

If this is truly an attempt at introspection, then the focus should not have been on the adjective, but rather the fact that someone thought something you did/said was odd and had the courtesy and dignity to tell you so honestly, especially when the comment starts out "I heart Unbearable Lightness..."