Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chick Artists?

So here is some interesting trivia: The Erotic Signature is featuring 158 artists from around the world... guess how many are women? Only 25 or so.

The Erotic Review just published it's annual anthology to feature the best erotic photographer in the world and featured 81 photographers... guess how many ladies? About 5. (I'm giving rough estimates, because we are never truly sure of gender of artists based on their attempts at privacy, but those guesses are not off by more than 5 in one direction or the other.)

So what does that mean? Only about 15% of the art featured by two of the largest erotic art promoters in the world is from female artists... Interesting, huh? What does it all mean (if anything at all)?


unbearable lightness said...

You need to put a new post, darling, with some of your new vintage work!

Anonymous said...


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Lisolette Gilcrest said...

Sure! Linkbacks are most appreciated; also please advise me of where the information is published!